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Chelsea J.

Jessica from KT's Hospitality was such a sweet heart. I was super needy trying to plan my wedding and she was nothing but patient and accommodating. Her service was excellent. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sep 5, 2017 • Verified Review

Judy L.

KT's Hospitality is absolutely amazing. I used their waitstaff and bartender for my wedding. The staff were extremely friendly and went above and beyond my expectations. They were extremely hardworking, arriving early then staying late. The waitstaff constantly asked what they could help with. They were super fun; one member even taught our guests how to do the wobble dance when no one knew how. I can’t recommend this company more. I will hire them again and again.

Aug 30, 2017 • Verified Review

Chelsea D.

Kt's hospitality was amazing. I was introduced to the company while attending adult summer camp ( WHICH WAS INCREDIBLE#campnocounselers)Staff was super friendly and gracious as well as you could tell they were having so much fun! Having worked in the industry for 14 years I am always grateful to find bartenders and servers who have not been infected by the resignation and jadedness that so many in the hospitality industry have become victim to. Like... did the bartender just role their eyes at me, I came here for a drink not be be judged ?? Anyways, not with the KT's staff, totally genuine, totally fun, I'd hire them in a heartbeat:)


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